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Greeting Every Opportunity with Open Arms

Greeting Every Opportunity with Open Arms

After growing up in her parents’ business, Emmy Severs was inspired to start her own business halfway through her college career. As an entrepreneurship major, she leaned on her passions and creative skills, and launched a stationary company called Lemon Milk Paper Co

"The pandemic gave people the opportunity to reevaluate their passions and find something they connected with," Severs said. "For me, that was connecting back to my old love of illustrating greeting cards, this time with my iPad instead of crayons and colored pencils. I have always been a very creative person and love painting, drawing, or any outlet that allows me to be artistic." 

Her business offers stationery products in the form of greeting cards, academic planners, notepads, notebooks, stickers and wrapping paper. As far as the business name, Severs said “Lemon Milk” is the name of one of her favorite fonts and is a name people would remember.

“I illustrate the designs myself, then I send them to a manufacturer to ensure the highest quality. My favorite product I sell is the miniature planner stickers. I think they are a fun way to organize your events and tasks in your planner.”

Lemon Milk Paper Co supplies more than 160 retailers and fulfills their stationery needs. 

Severs runs her business while remaining a full-time student, being involved with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, the WVU Fastenal Sales Team and other activities across campus. Read more about Severs.

Take Stock

Worried about a looming recession and what to do with your money? Hold steady on those investment plans, advises Alexander Kurov, professor and Fred T. Tattersall research chair in finance. In an article penned for The Conversation, Kurov writes “Stick to your long-term plan and ignore day-to-day market fluctuations, however frightening they may be. Don’t take my word for it. The tried and true approach of passive investing is backed up by a lot of evidence.” To dive into the full article, go to

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The Hall

The West Virginia Business Hall of Fame posthumously honored coal industry billionaire and philanthropist Chris Cline and three other state business leaders who have led widespread growth.

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Leidos and the Future of Business

Leidos, a Fortune 500 science and technology leader, partnered with the Chambers College in October for the ‘State of Innovation: Top Emerging Technologies Poised to be Key Drivers of a Post Pandemic World’ seminar. The event was part of the Leidos “Future of Business” series, designed to explore disciplines that are disrupting the business world, including cybersecurity, data analytics, cloud computing and the world of fintech. 

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I Scream, You Scream

Move over cones and milkshakes, there is a new way to enjoy ice cream – rolled! Marketing student and Morgantown native Tyler Lalka is bringing rolled ice cream to the hills of Morgantown and nearby cities with his business Rolling Hills Ice Cream. Lalka originally saw the concept being done in larger cities and thought to himself, “Mountaineers need this,” and opened his ice cream truck in April 2021. Not only is the ice cream mixed with toppings on top of a negative-five degree plate and rolled into pieces, but his truck also allows him to roll to birthday parties, weddings, farmer’s markets, fairs, office gatherings and more. “It was a dream of mine to bring this to Morgantown and I decided to go mobile because it would give me the opportunity to meet my customers where they are,” he said. The signature menu (which ice cream lovers can get any time) includes salted caramel pretzel, Oreo, peanut butter cup, s'mores and Nutella banana. On top of those flavors, individuals can add other sweet or savory ingredients. Lalka will graduate with a degree in marketing in December 2022. 

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Anomaly Detector

While COVID-19 has forced us to pivot the way we work and play, the Robbins Center for Global Business and Strategy is no exception. In fact, two virtual activities alone in October saw more than 250 students involved in international lecture, case analyses and culture sessions in Hong Kong and Bahrain. “Framed in this way, that's very promising international reach between WVU and these two international partners,” said David Dawley, executive director of the Robbins Center. 

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